You’ve probably come to this site for one of several reasons.  Either you are:

1. Interested in learning more about a very leading-edge technology in the world of electronics, or

2. A manufacturer looking to see how this technology can benefit your products and your position in the marketplace, or

3. One of our shareholders and want to find out the latest.

But before we get into the website itself, we wanted to give you a quick introduction and orientation. 

There is a lot of information on this website. 

Not to worry!  We want to simplify it for you.  We are involved in the creation, patenting and market introduction of high tech, advanced materials that substantially improve electronic products and their manufacture.  But discussions about quantum physics, nanoelectronics, electronic manufacturing, high-end research etc. can leave almost anyone with their head spinning.  You can delve as deeply as you want into it, or you can just touch on the key points.

So let’s see if we can distill it down to those few essential points.

1.  You don’t need to be a quantum physicist to “get it”.

The products we are introducing are called Quantum ShieldWall* or QS for short.  They are based on discoveries in a heady world of sub-microscopic quantum physics.  But it’s not necessary to try to understand the physics behind it any more than you need an understanding of the inner world of electronics to use your TV.  Electronics just works.  Or it's supposed to.  THAT is what QS is all about.  Improving electronics.

2.  The field of quantum physics is the new frontier. 

This field is demanding some of the best insights and creative work of some of the most brilliant researchers on the planet.  We are at the threshold of a whole new era in electronics, with enormous potential to benefit society in stunning new applications and even benefit the planet itself. 

3.  Benefit the planet?

Yes.  If anyone thinks the planet is not in trouble, he needs to rethink what is going on right in front of us.  Electronics is a major stress on the planet.  The world throws away as much as 50 million metric tons (!!) of useless or failed electronics every year.  Are we naive enough to think the planet can continue to take it?

This product can help reduce that burden.  

Quantum ShieldWall causes electronics to last longer as well as have greater stability, reliability, and to operate better.  It is also environmentally benign.

4.  We have created a product that is ready for use in the field now.

Much of the research work in the nanotechnology field, while it holds enormous promise, is known as “blue-sky” research.  That means it’s years away from delivering real-world products.  While the products we are introducing are on the leading edge of that work, they are new, highly practical products ready to be used now.

5. QS makes electronics run better.

This is a nanoelectronic coating (actually a group of coatings) that is meant to be applied to and improve the electronic circuit boards inside of a piece of electronics - your cell phone, your home theatre gear, the myriad of computers that run your car, or the electronics that are self-flying the aircraft you and your family are traveling in.

QS is applied while electronic gear is being built, right on the production line.  You won’t see it, touch it or even know it’s there, any more than you can see the transistors inside the tiny integrated circuits in your phone.  But it is performing important functions – in particular making the equipment more reliable.

6.  QS will first be used in mission-critical electronics.

Quantum ShieldWall is applicable to about 95% of the electronics manufactured today.  That is a huge market.  But we are taking it step by step.  The first step is mission-critical electronics.  Aircraft, self driving vehicles, aerospace, medical electronics, emergency response, search and rescue, the military...  These fields DEMAND that electronics that run them are as reliable and tough as possible.  Their equipment simply CANNOT fail.

7.  That’s it.  

There isn’t a 7th point.  From here you can delve as deeply as you want into this.

This website contains sections on:

1. Press releases and product information

2. Problems facing electronics 

3. How we are addressing some of those problems

4. The market

5. Information for manufacturers on how to get involved

6. In-depth looks and expert analysis of the potential for nanoelectronics

Ready?  Let’s go to the website.

*Trademark Applied For