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How to Participate

It is our intention to sign exclusive agreements with industry to work with us at this stage, either sublicensing these materials from us, or acquiring the rights to the technology.

We are the sole R&D partner with U of Akron and Purdue on these projects. Under signed agreement with the University of Akron we have the exclusive commercialization rights to these patent-pending products, including future versions and spinoffs, on an international basis for the life of the patents.

For further discussions, email Doug Whyte, CEO of Imagine Research and Technology Inc.

Imagine Research and Technology Inc.

11, 4731 Terwillegar Common NW

Edmonton, AB, Canada

T6R 3L4

Toll free: 1 (866) 300-1259

Phone:  (780) 237-5054

Future Plans

The electronics manufacturer that works with us will have the opportunity to:

1.  gain exclusive access to the materials

2.  contribute to and steer industry-focused final designs and testing

3.  engage in ongoing development of new versions

4.  employ the materials in their own electronics products, and

5.  introduce the product under sublicense to electronics manufacturers on a world-wide basis.

Progress to Date

When we started Imagine Research and Technology Inc’s (IRTI) Quantum Nanoelectronic Project 4+ years ago, it began with an idea. Since those early days, R&D progress has been steady and gratifying, and we currently have as many as 8 unique forms of materials in development. The first two are close to ready for market, and the additional forms will be developed over the next 1-2 years. Each is uniquely applicable to different areas of the circuit board during manufacture.

The commercialization phase we are now entering involves field testing and feedback, fine tuning, design modifications based on industry input, and continued development of all four forms even after they are in the market.  This includes introduction of new features or continued exploration and advancement of internal technologies including self healing and extension of quantum functions.

It also includes a major second project proposed to us by Purdue and Akron that will introduce new and profoundly important capabilities pertaining to certain aspects of quantum electronics. 

The Potential

Meant for use on the electronics production line, these products are intended to improve the functioning and reliability of virtually every electronic component manufactured.  Targeted benefits include:

• Improved device reliability and stability

• Repeatability & predictability

• Longevity

• Functionality and improved performance characteristics

These products could quite conceivably put a key
manufacturer at the heart of virtually any piece of electronic circuitry employed in aerospace, the military, aviation, automotives, medical electronics, computers, cell phones, robotics and a host of other electronics vertical markets. 

We have a well-defined commercialization path that initially focuses on mission-critical and life-critical applications due to those markets’ demands for extreme reliability in electronics.  These materials are designed to add to that reliability.

From that initial introduction in mission-critical markets, our plans call for wide-scale introduction to manufacturers in commercial and consumer markets internationally.  The products are applicable to electronics in at least 20-25 vertical market fields.