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Quantum ShieldWall is a small, low profile, under-the-radar kind of product.  Quiet, virtually invisible, no one notices it and few have any concept of the possibilities.  But its benefits are huge.

•Early lab test results showed:

•Stabilization of computer digital electronics in extreme use

•50% or greater reduction of distortion in audio gear

•Ability to build in advanced features including self-healing

•Recent lab results indicate:

  1. Increases of up to 1100 times in the electrically active contact surface areas of gold on circuit boards

•Severe-service field testing to commence this year

4+ years in development, these patent-pending materials result in:

•increased reliability & stability

•longevity, repeatability & predictability

•improved functionality & performance


We are initially targeting the mission-critical and life-critical markets including aerospace, aviation, the military, advanced automotives, emergency rescue and medical electronics.  Within that, our first focus is the advanced automotive market, then into the broader mission-critical markets.  From there the product will be introduced to the commercial and consumer markets.

1. End of 2017 - product brought to v 1.0

2. End of 2018 - in initial automotive market

3. End of 2019 - expanded to full automotive market, into mission-critical markets, into consumer product lines

4. End of 2021 - into top players in all other vertical markets  (100 manufacturers)

5. End of 2022-25 - into all manufacturers in each vertical market.

Thus we see ourselves approaching full market penetration in 5-10 years based on the fact that our market base is 2000 manufacturers, who together feed the entire electronics market.

Current Marketing Activities

We are actively marketing to potential sublicense users in the mission-critical markets of aviation, the military, aerospace and automotives and potential co-developers of products.  We have initially focused on the top 100 and are actively reaching out to all 2000 electronic manufacturers. 

We have issued two press releases and are distributing them widely, plus working with tv and newspaper media outlets for additional coverage.

Vertical markets

We have targeted approximately 20-22 international non-competing vertical markets for the QS products.  Our marketing strategy includes signing supply contracts with manufacturers in each of those markets.  All these contracts will generate annual royalty income for us. 

These vertical markets and manufacturers include but are not limited to:

  1. Automotive electronics

  2. Aviation and Aerospace

  3. Computers

  4. Personal communications

  5. Home Audio and Video

  6. Production Audio and Video

  7. Medical Electronics

  8. Instrumentation Electronics

  9. Industrial Manufacturing

  10. Internet and Telecomm

  11. Supercomputers

  12. Peripherals

  13. Robotics

With the benefits that these materials produce, we feel we can reach this objective of the first 100 customers within 5-8 years.  The other 1900 manufacturers will flow from that.  Achievable?  We think so.

Are all our eggs in one basket?

Definitely not.  We currently have two forms of the Quantum ShieldWall series of materials ready for the first stage of marketing.  Development and marketing occupies 100% of our focus. 

The other six forms of the materials are an earlier stage of development.  We anticipate bringing them to market within the next 2-3 years. We also anticipate seeing major spinoff products and processes from the QS work being done now.  Spinoffs and derivative works from the QS project may far exceed the value of Quantum ShieldWall itself.

The Quantum ShieldWall* Project

Quantum ShieldWall (QS) is a unique, patented, quantum-active nanoelectronic polymer coating material and process co-invented by IRTI, the University of Akron and Purdue University.  We are developing QS in conjunction with a contracted team of post-doctoral PhD researchers at those universities.  The coatings are unique in that they electrically active. 

Quantum ShieldWall is meant for use on electronic circuit boards inside a piece of electronic gear such as a cell phone, aircraft autopilot controller, computer, digital camera, etc.  Applied as a coating during manufacture, QS is designed to improve how electronic circuits operate in virtually all forms of electronic equipment.  The circuit board itself essentially becomes an active player in improving the functionality of the circuit.  The coatings utilize principles of quantum electron tunnelling, self-healing, tuneable subsurface depth of conduction, and state change. A form of nanotube technology is also being developed.

QS is initially meant for the mission-critical and life-critical electronic markets, where it is targeted to help save money, missions and lives.  From there the product has the potential to be adopted by the entire electronic manufacturing industry, and to become a component in virtually every electronic product.

The process is also environmentally benign.